A Tradition of Outreach and Support

We are a very active community, and enjoy interactions with our members through the following ministries.  Please consider joining us by contacting the people connected with each ministry.  All ministries are inclusive and welcoming. 


If you are interested in more information about any ministry, please contact Mary at mary@stcronan.org.


St Vincent de Paul Society

A Catholic lay organization, leading women and men to join together to grow spiritually by offering person-to-person service to the needy and suffering. svdpstlouis.org


St. Cronan Food Pantry

The food pantry is open the second and fourth Saturdays, 9-10:30 am.


Assisi House

Assisi House’s mission is to house previously unhoused individuals in small, communal settings where each person is treated with dignity and respect. Assisi House is founded on the principle that each individual is of infinite value and deserves the opportunity to live in a place where they have respite from the devastating effects of being unhoused.  Assisihouse.org   Making A House

Cronan Companions

Cronan Companions is a dedicated group of St. Cronan members who have committed to visiting, talking with, being present for community members who are in need of companionship. We have set up a program for training others who would like to join us. And we have let everyone know that we are here, should you, or a loved one or friend, need another’s presence through days of grief, loneliness, doubt, or sadness.


We have extended our mission to help organize ways that each of you can help another Cronanite, when you have the times and means.  When there is a death, an illness, a transition, a loss, we will let everyone know what is needed, whether it be meals, errands, home visits, housework, yardwork, or extra prayers. In this way, we will be able to offer everyone an opportunity to companion, beyond what we already do so beautifully and faithfully. 

Health Cabinet

The mission of the St. Cronan’s Health Cabinet, reflecting Christ’s healing presence, is to provide information and support to the congregation and the neighborhood community in promoting health and coping with disease, disability, and loss. The Cabinet does this through periodic health screenings, bulletin board displays, a seasonal newsletter, website postings, home visits, a grief support group and other projects or programs that address the health of the community.



  • Faith Formation

    We firmly believe in the continuing education of adults and children in the Catholic Faith through the following venues: 

    • RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) – We invite anyone interested in exploring the Catholic Faith with the purpose of becoming Catholic to contact us.  We provide instruction for Adults and for Children that is based in the Catholic Social Teachings and emphasizing the application of Faith to Social Justice.
    • Liturgy of the Word with Children – When children are present at the 10:00 Liturgy, we invite children ages pre-K through 1st grade to join together for a Child-centered Liturgy that focuses on the day’s readings, in addition to activities that help the children connect God’s Word to their own lives.
    • Children’s Faith Formation – we offer classes in Faith Formation for all school-aged children, and we believe that parents are important in instilling the Faith in their children. Classes meet once per month, with activities and information sent home for parents to use with their children so that everyone is growing in their understanding of living their faith in their daily lives for social justice. For more information visit our Children’s Faith Formation page.
    • Adult Faith Formation – Various “Issues and Answers,”  Reading groups and other venues are offered throughout the year to encourage Adults to increase their Faith within their lives as they strive for Social Justice. 

  • Shawl Ministry

    Those in the Prayer Shawl Ministry create shawls and blankets to bless and offer comfort to those parishioners, or former parishioners, who are preparing for surgery, healing from surgery, experiencing physical or emotional pain and suffering, or grieving the passing of a loved one. The shawl or blanket is a sacramental sign of the prayers and presence of the parishioners, wrapping around the recipient.

    • Prayer shawls/blankets are knitted and crocheted by those in the Prayer Shawl Ministry.
    • The shawl/blanket is passed throughout the congregation Mass and touched and prayed over by all those present.

    All are welcome to join this ministry, at any time. Yarn, knitting needles, and crochet hooks are available.

  • Social Justice

    We believe in the rights of all and the dignity of the human person. With our Social Justice committee, we work with several social justice groups in the community to fight for ending racial injustice, enhance LGBTQ+ inclusion, and address immigration issues.  We work closely with MCU ( mcustlouis.org/), IFCLA (stl-ifcla.org/), St. Margaret of Scotland, (www.stmargaretstl.org/parish/get-involved/ministry/living-justice-committee/),  Coalition for Racial Justice, and the Peace and Justice Commission of the  Archdiocese of St. Louis (www.archstl.org/peace-and-justice-commission) to work towards a society in which all voices are heard and valued.

  • Children's Faith Formation

    The mission of the Church is to joyfully evangelize and catechize; to tell the Good News of salvation in an age appropriate manner in order to form active disciples of Jesus Christ. Discipleship is a LIFE-long mission. It involves:

    • L– learning of salvation history and the teachings of the Catholic Church
    • I – integrating or connecting that knowledge of God’s love into everyday life
    • F- faithful followers, worshiping, praying and serving others in response to that  divine love.
    • E- engaging others by introducing them to Jesus Christ through our words and deeds.
  • Music Ministry

    Music plays a big role at St. Cronan. Our choir is the primary musical leader during mass. The choir is open to anyone who enjoys singing and has a willing heart to lead the congregation in song. Instrumentation further often includes the use of piano, flute, drums, and violin.

  • Liturgy Committee

    The Liturgy Committee works to bring the liturgies alive for the Community. The committee meets monthly to plan seasonal themes to bring opportunities to go deeper into reflection and contemplation for Advent and Lent, based on the readings of the season and related to current issues that are plaguing our society. For example, during Lent, 2019, we focused on the Stations of the Cross that related to the immigration issues we faced. Last Advent, we used the Pastoral Letter of Mark Joseph Seitz, Bishop of El Paso to consider the plight of Immigration in the wake of the shooting in El Paso. We also respond to other issues, such as providing a “Wailing Wall” for those affected by the abuse of priests to respond to their own grief. Our goal is to have our Community reflect on the deeper issues as we take the Gospel of Jesus into our hearts and into the world.

  • Gardening Committee

    We are a group of people who work on the parish gardens around the church and rectory. We have some work days about 3-4 times a year. Through our gardening work we aim to build community and create a beautiful piece of nature in the middle of the City.

  • Church Council

    The Church Council is a group of church members that advise the pastor and staff. It’s current members include:


    Mariah Byrne Sullivan – Chair
    Margaret Govero- Vice Chair

    Sister Cathy Doherty
    Pete Musso
    Donna Zuroweste

    Marcia Kloester
    Jennifer Hoffman
    Dan Diemer

    Roland Martir

    Andrew Viragh

    Ryan Wallace

    Nick Prainito

    Mary Ward ex-officio
    Diane Gozdzialski ex-officio
    Fr. Jack Schuler ex-officio


    To communicate with any member of the council, please contact Mary at Mary@stcronan.org

  • Young Adult Group

    We are a group of college and graduate students, singles, newly married, married couples with children, and young men and women in careers. We seek to be a place where young adults can love and support one another through fellowship, study, service, and prayer in a caring and welcoming Christian community. If you are a self-identified “young adult” we would love for you to join us.

  • Women's Turtles Group

    We read and discuss books focusing on spirituality, racial justice issues, allyship, and historically marginalized and oppressed peoples to better educate ourselves in the fight towards justice. Previous books have included: “Traveling with the turtles” by Cindy Preston-Pile, “Between the World and Me“ by Ta-Nehisi Coates, “The sacred art of loving kindness” Rami M. Shapiro, “Just Mercy” by Brian Stevenson.

  • Archives Committee

    We are working on organizing the archives and compiling the information about the long history of St. Cronan. If you want to find out more about the history of St. Cronan, please click here.

  • Hospitality / Welcoming Committee

    The Hosptitality/Welcoming Committee is a group of volunteer church members who are greeters at 10:00 a.m. mass once per month, provide follow-up to visitors at mass by talking with them at mass to welcome them, and reach out to new registering and interested members to form a connection for them with the church. The Welcome Committee also provides the Visitor Log, Suggestion Box, and Cronan Stories Book and maintains the Welcome Packets given to visitors to masses.  Christine Lakey and Erin O’Connell co-chair this Committee.

Looking for more ministries?

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